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Time Travel

Yesterday I spent time in the 1970's, (or at least so it seemed for a couple of precious hours).

I took my little granddaughter to a local play area where a clear stream runs alongside the park. We swung on the swings, sat on the old fashioned tractor and ran around the wide open grassy field. Some of the children had brought along a couple of kittens from a local farm, and asked if we wanted to pet them.

Parents & grandparents, kept an eye on all the children and lifted them in and out of swings as required. Some of the children built a dam in the stream and with shouts of joy, water splashed, mud pies were made and frogs delightedly examined. No phones or technology in evidence. It was bliss. I wish every child (and carer) could experience an afternoon like that.

I have photos of my beautiful granddaughter, dress damp & a bit muddy, paddling, happy, carefree , but the rest of the world is a complicated place, so better to imagine than publish here. Perhaps sometimes it's the memories we hold in our head, rather than as a photo, we try to keep. It's really what I try to do with the jewellery. Capture a memory, a physical representation of a happy event. A moment from a different time, Time travel.


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