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Challenging times

For the first time in my jewellery making life, I have had a creative block. I think I should be grateful that for the last 16 years or so there has never been a day of a moment when I haven’t wanted to create with everything that’s going on in this precious world with its precious people I found I simply couldn’t start. I have been in my studio shuffling things around picking tools up and putting them down and even sitting with my saw and a piece of metal nothing happened. This been going on for two weeks now. I think it was the sadness of having to shut down the teaching Studio and really not knowing whether I will ever be able to open it again, I can pay the rent on it for a few more months but then will have to make the decision whether to let it go before it starts racking up debts, or to try and just hang on in the hope that this is over quickly. I want there to be a place for my lovely precious Students where they know it can we waiting for them with a kettle cups of tea and biscuits friendly faces and chat. It’s not just about making jewellery it’s a safe place, a sociable place and I’m so worried about it, it’s a bit like having a friend who is poorly.

Creativeve work has always been a place to escape to all my life, don’t get me wrong I’ve had a really wonderful life with a loving Family, children and in the last 10 years , A supportive and loving husband.

For the last 14 years ago so I’ve had my own creative space too, originally it started as a tray on the kitchen table, then it increased to a table, eventually becoming the cupboard under the stairs, a tiny room and for the past 10 years of studio. My space is always untidy with masses going on, pieces everywhere bits of metal, tools, torches, pictures, scraps of paper, patterns little boxes full of sawn out Details, Crystal and gemstones. It’s a haven in a treasure trove.

Nobody tidies up I rarely have visitors in it, it’s my space, it’s my sanctuary.

I have a tiny heater so it’s warm and occasionally (briefly ) chocolate can be found in the drawer. There has been music, radio plays and audiobooks, laughter, chat most recently Shakespeare and poetry within the walls. Jewellery is made here, positive Energy and love radiates from this space. I hope that Jewellery has always taken some of that away with it.

I need to find my Mojo maybe it’s time to move in a different direction? I don’t know.


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