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“ I would love to do that “

“ I would love to do that “ Is a phrase I hear frequently, And knowing how much pleasure can be gained from the satisfaction of producing your own jewellery, makes me believe that other people should be able to do what I do. The only problem is Metalsmith Jewellery Making is a process led activity,  And you do seem to need a huge amount of (rather expensive) tools and equipment.  I believe the benefits in jewellery making include companionship, learning new skills and the sense of personal growth and achievement and I want this to be accessible to all. Quite a number of years ago I got involved in a project with what I thought at the time were some like minded individuals in order to make Jewellery making accessible to both beginners and people at a later stage in their creative career.  Unfortunately not all those involved had such altruistic intentions and it soon became apparent that if I wanted to maintain my independence and integrity I should move away from that group. I have always had the desire to make that facility available and with the opening of my new teaching studio I hope that has come to pass. I have made something, sold something, And carefully saved the profit allowing me to invest in tools and equipment for the new teaching studio based up at Calf House studios Bishop Burton. My good friend Tracy Spurgin of Craftworx Has kindly lent is her studio on a regular basis to run the workshops from but now we have a room space next door. Tracy and I are going to share some of the most expensive pieces of equipment but I have been able to set up the traditional jewellery making space with benches appropriate to our craft. Come and have a look round! We are having a grand opening on Monday, July 15 from 6 pm to 8 pm. If you would like to come and joiners you can put your name down on the booking page and I will make sure there is a glass of something nice for you to drink whilst you look round.

“I would love to do that “. “Then do! “ X Diane

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