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What influences my work?

Hand sawn jewellery, made by a human

Currently it’s music. But many things influence my creative journey a walk, a taste remembered from childhood, or story spoken aloud. Recently I heard a piece of music well remembered from my days as a youngster. Keen to embrace the latest technology for music delivery I had a CD, just the one, unfortunately I didn’t have a CD player. When I received my first months wages, from my first full-time job I bought a Music stacking system, state-of-the-art, it had a radio, cassette and record player as well as the CD function . I was delighted to be able to play my CD at last. I still remember hearing that magical ethereal music playing throughout my bedroom, it was so clear I almost felt I could see the notes in the air. I played it constantly (you tend to do this when you only have one CD) and I suspect it formed great deep grooves within the wrinkles of my brain. Hearing that Clannad music again took me back many years and sent me along the route exploring Cernunnos or Hearn.

Look out for the finished piece of jewellery later this Summer. Cernunnos was the Celtic God of fertility, animals, life, wealth and the underworld. I would like this pendant to feel like a positive natural piece of jewellery.

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