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Diane - "The over-Thinker"

I sometimes wonder if I overthink things too much, for example, my online shops have been closed for the last three weeks, because I have been trying to protect the postal staff who deliver my jewellery from unnecessary work, but if the studio is to survive, I have to have an income to pay the rent. I know the competition has no such concerns, and has continued to trade so perhaps I have been really foolish to risk the future of not only my studio, but also the very important teaching studio for some (possibly false) over concern for others. As my beloved has pointed out it is hardly as though I am sending any volume of parcels out anyway. I just have a few discerning , and very much apprec

To post or not to post?

With the virus, many people are at home & many people shopping online. All my events up to Ocotber 202 have been cancelled. The shops & galleries I sell though, have without exception closed, my teaching studio is closed and I have no business income coming in. I have a dilemma, do I open my online shops and post out, take advantage or remain closed. Is jewellery important? my competitors are reproducing designs and even selling them through the same portals. It's not personal, it is business, but here is where we differ (I hope) this work has always been more than a business to me, It has been a channel for expression, an allegory, a physical manifestation of people's life stories. I wan

Challenging times

For the first time in my jewellery making life, I have had a creative block. I think I should be grateful that for the last 16 years or so there has never been a day of a moment when I haven’t wanted to create with everything that’s going on in this precious world with its precious people I found I simply couldn’t start. I have been in my studio shuffling things around picking tools up and putting them down and even sitting with my saw and a piece of metal nothing happened. This been going on for two weeks now. I think it was the sadness of having to shut down the teaching Studio and really not knowing whether I will ever be able to open it again, I can pay the rent on it for a few more mon

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